4 ways coaching in organisations creates social value

Coaching is often thought of as a tool for improving individual and team performance, but it can also have a significant social impact. Here are 4 ways coaching in organizations create social value.

1. Empowering marginalized groups

Coaching can be a powerful tool for empowering marginalized groups such as women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. By providing coaching and support, these individuals can develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their careers and contribute to the organization’s success.

2. Promoting diversity and inclusion

Coaching can also help promote diversity and inclusion within organizations. By working with individuals and teams to identify and address biases and barriers, coaches can help create a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

3. Supporting mental health

Coaching can be a valuable tool for supporting mental health in the workplace. By providing employees with the support they need to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges, organizations can create a more supportive and compassionate workplace culture.

4. Fostering social responsibility

Coaching can also help organizations become more socially responsible. By working with leaders and teams to explore, their ‘why’ and how they create a positive impact on the people and planet around them.

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